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I taught Alex from scratch, she passed her driving test, 25 October 2016. 1st time with 20 hours of tuition and lots of private practice 


"I knew Richard before starting lessons however, even in the lessons he was still great!! I passed 1st time with only 3 faults. Richard is the most calm person and a really encouraging and honest instructor. Would highly recommend him, everyone seems to pass first time and you should enjoy driving lessons too- like I did"

Jermaine passed his driving test at Hither Green test centre on 18th October 2016, i taught him from scratch to 1st time pass in 38 hours of lessons.  Only TWO driving faults were recorded on his test

Ryan passed his driving test at Hither Green test centre on 17 October 2016, i taught him from a beginner to 1st time test pass in 40 hours of lessons 

"Having taken exactly 40 hours of lessons with Richard and no previous driving experience I passed my test 1st time. Richard is an exceptional instructor who makes lessons easy, enjoyable and fun. Richard's calm and approachable manner made me feel comfortable and at ease from my first lesson. Richard's catchphrase is "There is no such thing as a stupid question". I asked a few, and I never felt awkward asking him. I could not have asked for a better instructor to teach me to drive and I cannot recommend Richard highly enough"

Another 1st time pass this time for Jethro and even more special as he passed with ZERO driving faults! I've been doing this 13 years and it's only the 3rd time that a pupil of mine has had a perfect driving test, an amazing achievement.

"Passed my test first time with absolutely ZERO faults!! Pretty chuffed with myself for that but it's all thanks to Richard who knew exactly what I was initially struggling with and, more importantly, how to teach me.
In fact both me and the Mrs passed first time with Richard and looking at the reviews that seems to be the trend

On top of that he's a top bloke to drive about with :)"

Faizou passed his driving test at Croydon test centre 12 October 2016 with just 6 driver faults recorded, an experienced driver already, what Faizou needed from me was the confirmation that his driving was up to standard to take his test and he flew through it. Congratulations

Ashia passed her driving test 22 June 2016 first time with me at Hither Green driving test centre

I passed my test first time, thanks to Richard's great teaching skills! I had put my test off for years, when learning with Richard he really encouraged me to make sure I stuck it out this time round. I would defiantly recommend Richard as a driving instructor he is helpful, encouraging and spends time talking you through areas to improve on. Best driving instructor I've had.

Jon passed his driving test on 29th July 2016 he came to me with previous experience on the road albeit from a few years ago


“Richard was a very laid-back driving instructor I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn how to drive he gave me confidence behind the wheel of the car and I'm going to miss driving around with him

Cyndi passed the pracital test 1st time she started lessons 6 January and passed 6 March 2016 in just 3 months taking 42 hours of lessons

I passed first time with Richard after only 3 months of lessons. He is an excellent instructor with unlimited patience and I have already recommended him to others!

Thanks again Richard!!

John passed the driving test 3rd June 2016 i taught him to drive from a beginner, this could be you, give me a call 07900490947

Caimin passed his driving test 1st time on 14th July 2016, i taught him from scratch in about 40 hours

"Great man to work with made me feel comfortable and had the balance of being firm with you as well as being polite perfect.. a gentlemen and a great teacher and would recommend Richard to everyone"

Tracey passed the practical test 1st time on 15 April 2016 taking the driving test at Hither Green. A experienced driver that just need some confidence building behind the wheel

Tom started as a complete beginner in November 2015 he passed his driving test 1st time 20 May 2016 

"He's a friendly, patient, and brilliant instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks, Richard!"

Richard Atkins Driving School Manual driving lessons East Dulwich

Rebecca passed 1st time April 2016

"I passed my test first time with only 4 minors. Richard is very laid back and supportive and upfront about weak areas in your driving skills, promoting a great learning environment. After putting my test off for years I passed only a few months after starting to learn with Richard. He's also very flexible on timing and doesn't try to make you book more lessons than you need. Great value for money! Thanks so much Richard!"

Conrad passed the driving test on 4 June 2016, he already had experience on the road and had previously but unsuccessfully done a driving test before he met me, giving  him the skills and confidence to get over the line look at him now!

"Very friendly guy, and always made himself available to me, always kept me motivated to improve and was the reason i was able to pass my test."

David passed with me 1st time, he was taught from a complete beginner to test pass with only 38 hours of tuition and only 3 driver faults recorded on test. he took is driving test at Hither Green test centre

Hayley passed the practical test 1st time on 19th April 2016. She has had a few driving instructors in the past but with me we chose a course to suit her individual needs and with a bit of confidence building she passed with flying colours 

"He's very honest, helpful and so encouraging. I felt very comfortable from the offset! I would definitely recommend learning to drive with him!"

Ben took his driving test at Hither Green driving test centre, Ben passed 2nd time around in 50 hours of tuition 


"I'd been putting off learning to drive for years, and was incredibly nervous when i finally decided enough was enough and it was time I should learn. From my very first lesson, Richard calmed me down, and continued to do so right up until I passed my test. Throughout the whole process of learning to drive, Richard was informative, calm, understandable and above all, fun. He made learning to drive a much more enjoyable process that i could have imagined, never losing his cool (despite times when it would have been more than understandable!), and I can't recommend him highly enough"

you can view Ben's Hither Green Driving test route on my YouTube channel at this link

Hither Green driving test route YouTube

Kit took his driving test at Hither Green driving test centre, I taught Kit from scratch to 1st time pass on 6 December 2016


Passed my test first time with only one fault! cannot thank Richard enough for this. Very calm and approachable, never lost his cool no matter how many times i made the same mistakes (which was quite a few times with some things). I really appreciate the fact that the lessons weren't just geared towards passing your test but also other things that will make you an all round good driver who'll be able to get out on the road without an instructor next to you after you pass.

You can view Kit's Hither Green driving test route on my YouTube channel at this link

Hither Green driving test route YouTube

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