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Reviews and testimonials for Richard Atkins Driving School for Driving Lessons Camberwell, Driving lessons Brixton, driving lessons Peckham, Driving Lessons Surrey Quays, 

driving lessons peckham

Alessia passes first time with just 1 driver fault at Hither Green 28th June 2021

"I would highly recommend Richard! He is a very talented driving instructor and helped me pass 1st time with just 1 minor! That is all down to Richard's amazing lessons. He is very professional and an absolute pleasure to be taught by. He's very thorough and pushes hard to ensure you drive the best you possibly can! Can't recommend him enough. What a legend!"

driving lessons Camberwell

Talha passed his driving test first time 28th May 2021at Hither Green test centre 

"Exceptional experience, helped me pass first time! Very patient and an all round fantastic teacher. Takes his work seriously whilst having a friendly vibe from the passenger seat. Compared to previous employed instructors, Richard is levels above. Reasonable pricing and definitely my top recommendation for the South London area." 👍👍

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Rose passed her driving test first time on May 4th 2021 at Hither Green

"I would highly recommend Richard as a driving instructor. He was always calm and encouraging whilst also pushing me to do my best. He explains things in a clear and methodical way so even complicated aspects of driving are easy to learn. Despite my test being pushed back by 4 months due to covid he got me driving and ready again in 3 weeks and I passed my test with 3 minors! Thank you Richard :)"


Darren passes his driving test first time with just three faults recorded at Hither Green 27th April 2021

"Richard is a very professional and excellent driving instructor, who certainly pushed me and encouraged me to take my driving test. He provided me with a lot of advice, critiques and tips with my driving, which allowed me to pass first time. I would highly recommend Richard as a driving instructor!"

Driving Lessons Brixton

​"Richard is a great and understanding driving instructor. He's friendly and patient, he explained everything in a calm and professional manner. He encouraged me to do my best whilst driving and he had the confidence in me to pass my driving test .Would definitely recommend Richard as a driving instructor attention...

Driving lessons Peckham

Richard is the best instructor I've ever had! He was so patient and understanding to my needs and learning style.

He also encouraged me and had faith in me passing more than I did.

Thank you Richard, forever grateful. Julia

driving lessons Camberwell

Ruslan passed his driving test first time with one driving fault on 14 August 2020


"Would highly recommend Richard as an driving instructor - very professional, calm, patient and friendly. The actual driving practice exam felt not that difficult after all the tips and lessons and I passed with only 1 minor thanks to him"

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Robell passed his driving testy with me on 3rd February 2020 at Hither

"Understanding and calm instructor who pushes for success in every lesson whilst maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in each lesson"


Kit passed his driving test with me on 30 January 2020 at Hither Green

"I’d kind of given up hope with driving after trying when I was younger. Even the thought of it made me anxious. Richard really helped me relax and take it one hurdle at a time. He was clear and concise on the road, but always elaborated and answered when I had questions. I was never made to feel stupid or that questions I had were silly. When I made mistakes Richard would go through them with me step-by-step to make sure I understood.


I was quite dejected when I failed my test the first time, but Richard helped me  bounce back. 


Thanks Richard!"


H passed her driving test first time at Mitcham test centre 24th January 2020

"I’ve had around four different driving instructors and by far Richard has been the best! He has a very calm demeanor and is very encouraging - he pushes you to become a good driver by helping you to produce your best driving so you’re ready for your test. I would recommend him a million percent, he is the best! Thank you Richard!"


Seb passed his driving test on ^th December 2019

"Richard is a great instructor and pushes you to do you best for your exam. I’d recommend him 1000% to anyone who is looking for an instructor"


passed her driving test !st time at Hither Green 4 November 2019 

"The first lesson I had with Richard I knew we would get along. He made me feel comfortable and had patience. I feel confident behind the wheel and have learnt allot from him. He prepared me for my test well in advance and we practiced allot around my test area. With his encouragement and teaching I passed first time! He was a great driving instructor, I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks again Richard for everything!"

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Bradley passed his driving test 1st time at hither green on 24th October 2019

"Richard is a very good driving instructor, helped me a lot when learning to drive. Patient and gives easy to follow, clear instructions which makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel."


Thea passed her driving test on 18th September 2019 1st time

"Richard is a brilliant driving instructor. When I first started taking lessons I thought I would be stalling around central London for the rest of my life. However, with thanks to Richard's encouragement and patience I passed my test first time! Thanks Richard!"


Jo passed her driving test on 29th August 2019

'Richard is very calm and patient. He is encouraging while also providing constructive feedback. I passed my test with only two minor faults after taking lessons from him, so I recommend him as an instructor!'


Wilson passed his driving test on 10 September 2019 at Hither Green Test Centre

"Richard in an excellent driving instructor. I got Richard after being dissatisfied with my previous instructor and I’m glad I didn’t because he helped me to pass. Richard answered all my questions without being patronising or belittling no matter how trivial the question and always gave me great pointers to help me become a better driver. He is structured, organised, and never late. Thank you lots Richard!"


Elizabeth passed at Hither Green  on 27th June 2019

Just passed my test. I had the pleasure of being taught by Richard Atkins. His teaching methods is excellent, he is very patient with his students. I was a very nervous driver, over time Richard helped me build the skills and confidence I needed in order to pass my test. 


Alex passed his driving test 1st time on 18 June 2019 at Hither Green with just one driving fault recorded. he did it with 52 hours of lessons in just over two months.

"Throughout all the lessons, Richard has been an extremely patient, knowledgeable, and charismatic driving instructor. He will offer you advice that not only will help you ace the test, but also ensure that you'll be a safe and considerate driver when all's said and done. The videos on his YouTube channel are also invaluable when preparing for the test. I would recommend Richard in a heartbeat to anyone looking to learn how to drive."


Ross passed his driving test 1st time 23 May 2019 at Mitcham test centre

"Richard is punctual, calm and coherent. He was aware I was on a deadline and did everything he could to make sure I was ready.
He managed to get me up to scratch in the short time frame and I passed with 2 minors."


Francess passed her driving test 16th April 2019 at Hither Green test centre

''Richard is an amazing driving instructor, literally taught me everything I know and I was able to pass my test with only two minors. He is very attentive and also allows you to work on areas you don’t feel confident on until you achieve your goal. Would highly recommend!'


review to follow

Ben passes his driving test 4 April at Hither Green test centre 


Joanna passed her test

Richard is a great driving instructor. We only did a couple of hours of lessons as I only needed to do the practical driving test, but still he gave some easy to remember manoeuvring tips and was very careful to highlight the most important bits. He is calm, patient and punctual. I was very confident to do the exam and passed, so thank you Richard!


Alex passed first time 1 March 2019 at Hither Green Test centre

Alex passed first time 1 March 2019 at Hither Green Test centre


"Learning with Richard has been a great experience. His calm and considered approach has allowed me to develop good habits and confidence behind the wheel, and I felt at ease with his teaching from day one. Having lessons mostly in and around the test area was fantastic, as the test route felt familiar, and definitely helped in getting a good result. I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a teacher, the whole process has been great from start to finish. Cheers!"


D passed his driving test 29 November 2018 1st time at Hither Green

Richard is an amazing Driving instructor, because of him I was able to pass my driving test first time around. His patient and calm way of teaching, allowed me to learn quickly how to drive around London and soon it felt natural and less stresful. All the driving around test center is very usefull especial when it came to the test day it self. If you are looking for driving lesons in London, Richard is the best instructor you could possibly wish for!​


J passed her test 19 November 2018 at Mitcham test centre

Richard is an excellent instructor. He has a calm and patient demeanour which puts you at ease, and an ability to explain things simply and clearly. He makes sure you’re really well-prepared for your test with lots of practice around your chosen test route, using a sat nav etc. He made a big difference to my driving and confidence levels in a relatively short amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to feel ready for their driving test.


Andrew passed his driving test 22 November 2018 at Hither Green

As a result of Richards excellent instruction, I was able to pass my driving test first time with only one minor fault. From the very first lesson he made me feel relaxed and confident in my own ability. He provides encouragement and helpful feedback, and he has a keen eye for spotting small details to help improve your driving. I always felt like I was progressing, and before I knew it I was ready for my test. I felt perfectly prepared. Massive thank you for all your help. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard to anyone looking to learn how to drive in London. Legend. 


J passed her test 19 November 2018 at Mitcham test centre

Richard is an excellent instructor. He has a calm and patient demeanour which puts you at ease, and an ability to explain things simply and clearly. He makes sure you’re really well-prepared for your test with lots of practice around your chosen test route, using a sat nav etc. He made a big difference to my driving and confidence levels in a relatively short amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to feel ready for their driving test.


Alex passed his test

I passed first time with Richard and I could not recommend him enough. He made me thoroughly enjoy learning to drive. Friendly, supportive and taught me everything I needed to know. Really pleased with the help and service received. A great teacher 10/10


Sarah passed her driving test with me on 21st September 2018 1st time at Hither Green driving test centre 

I was really anxious about learning to drive and I couldn't imagine how driving could ever feel natural. Richard was very patient and helped me to understand the key principles, and develop my confidence and driving skills. Richard was recommended to me by a friend, and since learning I've recommmended Richard to other friends.


Lourdes passed her test on 11th September 2018

5 Stars. 
Richard is an excellent instructor, incredibly patient and encouraging but firm on his teaching. Thanks to Richard I passed my test today at Hither Green with 4 minors. I highly recommend learning with Richard, he is a great teacher.


Lan passed her driving test 19th July 2018

Richard is a great instructor.He always on time and no late for the lesson.He very patient and professional and all the time focused on your driving and tell you your weak spots. I would highly recommend Richard if you want to learn and passed your test.He is the right person to choose.


Robyn passed her driving test on 11 April 2018 at Hither Green Driving Test Centre

Richard is a great instructor, I recommend him highly. He is very encouraging which gave me confidence to go on to passing my test. I had three instructors and I can honestly say Richard's style of teaching suited me the best, mostly because of his patience, attention to detail and easy to understand manoeuvre methods. Richard is very professional and always gives constructive feedback which helped me a lot.


Iryna passed her driving test 2 May 2018 at Hither Green

"If you want to get your driving licence - this is the best instructor you can find. Always on time, no late cancellations even when everything is closed because of the snow in London. He is very experienced and has confidence in his students. P.S. I passed today with only 2 minor faults out of 15."


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i couldn't recommend Richard highly enough- I was really nervous about learning to drive but he knew exactly how to build up my confidence and skills to the point where I was able to pass first time! He is calm, supportive and reassuring- exactly what you need from a driving instructor.on...


Had a fantastic driving experience with Richard and would recommend him to anyone learning to drive in London


Best driving instructor ever (and I have tried and tested many!). Richard is down to earth and realistic, he will give it to you straight and tell you where and why you're going wrong. He will insist on you talking as you drive and teach you how to drive "for real" rather than just to pass your test. He's awesome. Give him your money!


Brilliant driving instructor! I had a few driving instructors before I started lessons with Richard and he was hands down the best of them all. Wouldn't have passed my test without his brilliant teaching techniques and support.


I have tried and tested many instructors and can honestly say Richard is THE best out there. You are guaranteed to pass if you listen! Highly recommended!


Best driving instructor ever! He even managed to pass somebody like me which is impressive! I would recommend him to anybody in London.


I Would and have recommended Richard to everyone. Throughly enjoyed every lesson. Very down to earth and genuinely nice guy...


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Richard has been the most honest and helpful instructor I've ever known. He will let you know how good you're doing and encourage you to do better. The fact I passed with 3 minors proves how great he is. Deffo would recommend!!!


I passed first time with Richard after only 3 months of lessons. He is an excellent instructor with unlimited patience and I have already recommended him to others! 

Thanks again Richard!!

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I passed both my Theory and practical test first time with the help of Richard. He's very honest, helpful and so encouraging. I felt very comfortable from the offset! I would definitely recommend learning to drive with him!


I passed my driving test today, first time, with this man's help. 

He's a friendly, patient, and brilliant instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Thanks, Richard!


I passed my test first time with only 4 minors. Richard is very laid back and supportive and upfront about weak areas in your driving skills, promoting a great learning environment. After putting my test off for years I passed only a few months after starting to learn with Richard. He's also very flexible on timing and doesn't try to make you book more lessons than you need. Great value for money! Thanks so much Richard!


Very friendly guy, and always made himself available to me, always kept me motivated to improve and was the reason i was able to pass my test.


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I passed my test first time, thanks to Richards great teaching skills! I had put my test off for years, when learning with Richard he really encouraged me to make sure I stuck it out this time round. I would defiantly recommend Richard as a driving instructor he is helpful, encouraging and spends time talking you through areas to improve on. Best driving instructor I've had.


Great man to work with made me feel comfortable and had the balance of being firm with you aswel as being polite perfect.. a gentlemen and a great teacher and would recommend Richard to everyone


Richard was a very laid-back driving instructor I would highly recommend them him to anybody who wants to learn how to drive he gave me confidence behind the wheel of the car and I'm going to miss driving around with him 


Passed my test first time with absolutely ZERO faults!! Pretty chuffed with myself for that but it's all thanks to Richard who knew exactly what I was initially struggling with and, more importantly, how to teach me.
In fact both me and the Mrs passed first time with Richard and looking at the reviews that seems to be the trend

On top of that he's a top bloke to drive about with 


Haven taken exactly 40 hours of lessons with Richard and no previous driving experience I passed my test 1st time. Richard is an exceptional instructor who makes lessons easy, enjoyable and fun. Richard's calm and approachable manor made me feel comfortable and at ease from my first lesson. Richard's catchphrase is "There is no such thing as a stupid question". I asked a few, and I never felt awkward asking him. I could not have asked for a better instructor to teach me to drive and I cannot reccommend Richard highly enough.


I knew Richard before starting lessons however, even in the lessons he was still great!! I passed 1st time with only 3 faults. Richard is the most calm person and a really encouraging and honest instructor. Would highly recommend him, everyone seems to pass first time and you should enjoy driving lessons too- like I did


I have passed my test with ZERO faults all thanks to Richard...he has been great and severely patient..Richard explains the process easily and understandable and gives you time and confident to understand and drive individually..I would most definitely recommend Richard.


Passed my test first time with only one fault! cannot thank Richard enough for this. Very calm and approachable, never lost his cool no matter how many times i made the same mistakes (which was quite a few times with some things). I really appreciate the fact that the lessons weren't just geared towards passing your test but also other things that will make you an all round good driver who'll be able to get out on the road without an instructor next to you after you pass.


I passed my test 1st time with only 2 minors thanks to Richard. He is a very good teacher, patient and constructive. He teaches you to pass your test and prepares you for a life of driving after you pass your test. Be smart, choose Rich! You'll have fun and learn at the same time 


I'd been putting off learning to drive for years, and was incredibly nervous when i finally decided enough was enough and it was time I should learn. From my very first lesson, Richard calmed me down, and continued to do so right up until I passed my test. Throughout the whole process of learning to drive, Richard was informative, calm, understandable and above all, fun. He made learning to drive a much more enjoyable process that i could have imagined, never losing his cool (despite times when it would have been more than understandable!), and I can't recommend him highly enough


I learned with Richard from scratch and passed my driving test 1st time within 6months. An excellent driving instructor - would highly recommend learning with him!


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.Richard is a fantastic instructor. He pushes you to your ability that he knows you have. He is very firm and evaluates your driving honestly but he also gets you to self evaluate yourself. If he says your ready for your test then you are. He is very patient and always pushes you to be better. I passed 2nd time and even when I failed the 1st time he still encouraged me to get back on it and not to let it knock my confidence. I would highly reccomend him and I have had a few instructors and he is the best by far.


I passed my test first time with only 2 minors thanks to Richard. Driving with him has been a great experience. He is an excellent teacher who makes you feel confident and excited about driving. He gives constructive and encouraging advice and knows how to keep your confidence up if you make mistakes. On top of that he is super friendly, and great to chat to, I'd recommend him to anyone.


Passed my test at first attempt. Richard is very good at what he does, he is firm, thorough and patient. Highly recommended.


I’d had a few other driving instructors during my stop-start driving career but found many to be judgey, naggy or impatient which made it difficult for me to not get embarrassed or stressed about my driving but Richard always explained everything in a calm, non judgemental way that allowed me to relax, which is essential for driving in London. His helpful and patient manner helped me pass first time with only two minors (for driving overly cautiously!!) and ahead of time of my goal of being able to drive to my friend’s wedding. Would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking to learn to drive in London


Richard is an excellent instructor. He is very patient, attentive and supportive and will make sure that you become a confident driver.


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I’ve passed first time with Richard. And he is the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. He’s calm and Patient and always want the best out of you. I’ve always had different driving instructors, but Richard is the best one out of all of them. 


Richard is a excellent instructor. Throughout my lessons he was always encouraging and praising me, which built confidence and put me more at ease. He was also very patient and supportive through my mistakes explaining everything in a calm manor . Also very easy to chat too which made the whole experience easier and fun. Would highly recommend Richard if you are looking for a driver instructor. 


Richard is an excellent driving instructor, great teaching style which encouraged me to independently be comfortable driving. His easy to understand menouvor methods where essential whilst driving around the Hither green test centre. Very patient yet encouraging, with constructive feedback always given each lesson. Managed to pass with 1 minor. Would highly recommend Richard!


I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with Richard. I have had several driving instructors in the past but they would often shout or would speak in a patronising manner which in turn knocked my confidence.Richard was completely different! He was extremely patient, calm and encouraging throughout the entire process. Richard has a clear understanding of his learners needs and delivers teaching points in a clear step by step manner which made it easy to understand and implement. He encouraged me to be reflective on my driving which allowed me to understand the mistakes i had made and prevent them from happening in the future. He is highly supportive and believes in his students which gave me the confidence to believe in my own abilities. I would highly recommend driving with Richard and i have no doubt i would not have passed without him! 


Hither Green Driving Test Centre 9 March 2018

Richard is a fantastic teacher, I couldn’t recommend him more highly! He put me at ease, taught everything clearly, and was incredibly patient and encouraging. He really helped develop my confidence and made sure I had plenty of practice on my weaker points and around the test centre area. I couldn’t believe it when I passed and it’s mainly down to him!


If you are serious about passing your driving test, then Richard is the right guy for the job. He knows how to get you there. I passed with 1 minor fault thanks to him. I particularly liked his high professionalism: always on time and 100% focused on your driving. He also has a great ability to explain things in simple words - you can learn manoeuvres/driving tips quickly and focus on practicing. Lastly, he has a 6th sense for spotting your weak spots and most importantly teaching you how to fix them ahead of your driving test. I highly recommend Richard.


Richard helped me get through my test first time around. He is an excellent instructor - patient, methodical, encouraging, but pushes you when you be pushed. I have had two previous instructors who paled in comparison. Would highly recommend

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