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Driving Test Time Tunnel 15th February 2018

driving lesson Camberwell
Nab Passed his driving test 15th February 2018

15 February 2018 Nab passes his test at Hither Green test centre

If you are serious about passing your driving test, then Richard is the right guy for the job. He knows how to get you there. I passed with 1 minor fault thanks to him. I particularly liked his high professionalism: always on time and 100% focused on your driving. He also has a great ability to explain things in simple words - you can learn manoeuvres/driving tips quickly and focus on practicing. Lastly, he has a 6th sense for spotting your weak spots and most importantly teaching you how to fix them ahead of your driving test. I highly recommend Richard.

I recorded the driving test route on my YouTube channel so you can see the routes examiners take and the general test area.

Click the link below to go to this test.

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