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Your driving instructor’s dealings with you.

  1. I am registered with the Driving Standards Agency and licensed to give paid instruction.

  2. I will abide by the DSA voluntary code of practice.

  3. I will always behave in a professional and courteous manner.

  4. Clients will be treated with respect and consideration and will not be discriminated against regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability (unless road safety is at risk), or any other factor. I reserve the right not to give instruction, but this will not in anyway contravene legislation or be for reasons of discrimination.

  5. I will always avoid physical contact with you except in the course of a normal greeting or in an emergency or a situation where the safety of you, or any other road user may be compromised.

  6. I expect to provide you with the same vehicle for all of your lessons. But occasionally through circumstances beyond my control i.e., in the event of a vehicle breakdown, I may have to use a different vehicle.

  7. I will expect a professional approach from you and a willingness to undertake tuition.

  8. I will not tolerate abusive behaviour, bad language, inappropriate clothing or footwear for the purposes of safe driving or if you appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  9. I will discuss any queries or concerns with you in the first instance but where there is an unwillingness to cooperate then I will reserve the right to terminate the lesson or course with loss of fee. No refunds will be given.


Terms and Conditions Business dealings

  1. Your instructor provides driving instruction services and is self-employed. Therefore, any disputes or claims must be discussed in the first instance with your instructor.

  2. Any money paid in advance to Richard Atkins for driving lessons will be safeguarded by him and vouchers issued to the pupil to be used as payment for the driving lesson(s). You should always ask for a receipt when paying cash.

  3. Vouchers must only be redeemed as you take each lesson. Requests for refunds cannot be accepted unless any unused vouchers are returned to me before their expiry date and in line with our usual notice periods i.e., at least two full working days (48 hours) before the time the lesson was planned for. If vouchers become lost, stolen, or damaged then Richard Atkins reserves the right to charge a £30 administration fee for replacements.

  4. Any deposits paid are  non-refundable[LL1] .

  5. Any lesson refunds will be paid within 28 days of notification

  6. The full balance for an intensive driving course is payable to the instructor at least 48 hours before the first day of the course. Any requests for a partial refund for lessons unused will be calculated as if the pupil had booked single lessons at the full lesson price.

  7. If you wish to cancel or reschedule a driving lesson, you must contact your instructor directly at least two full working days (48 hours) before the time the lesson was planned for. In the event of the lesson being part of a course, you must give at least two weeks’ notice. Failing to give this notice will result in the money being lost for that lesson or lessons.

  8. If your instructor needs to cancel a lesson, they will give you as much notice as possible and schedule another lesson as soon as possible.  

  9. Any money paid in advance for driving lessons to your instructor must be used within six calendar months from the date it was paid otherwise this money will be lost.

  10. Any vouchers must be used by their expiry date. If you think you will be unable to do this, please let your instructor know as soon as possible but always before the end of the six-month period.  In exceptional circumstances, the instructor may consider an extension Terms and Conditions[LL2] 

  11. If you book a driving course [LL3] of any kind and change your mind within seven days of paying the

  12. deposit or full payment, you can cancel by writing to . Providing no tests or lessons have taken place, any study materials are returned in good condition, and it is at least 48 hours before a scheduled lesson or test, a refund will be given.

  13. The driving lesson can sometimes be recorded on dash cameras, I may use the recording for such things as social media, marketing and evidence in an accident and learning. Sound in the car may be recorded, privacy is of the upmost importance, I will not use any footage if the pupil specifically objects.

  14. payments:  must be made at the beginning of each lesson and can be made by cash or bank transfer.  Block bookings must be paid for in full on the first lesson of that block. Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Paid lessons should be taken within a 6-month period. 


        Lesson prices can change at any time with reasonable notice


Basic rules of entitlement to drive

  1. You must be entitled to drive and hold a valid UK provisional licence. In the event of a banned driver training for a retest you must be legally entitled to take professional tuition.

  2. You must bring your licence with you to your first driving lesson. Failure to bring this with you will result in the lesson being lost and the fee being charged for that lesson.

  3. You must be able to read a number plate from the required distance laid out in the Highway Code. Your instructor will check your eyesight, but it is your responsibility to ensure that your vision is adequate for the driving test and for general safe driving.

  4. You must bring with you the required documents for your practical driving test. This includes your driving licence, your theory test pass certificate, and your letter of appointment. If you fail to bring these documents the test may not go ahead and your fee and payment for use of the vehicle to, from and during the test will be lost.

  5. When a driving test is booked you will receive an e-mail or letter confirming the appointment from the DSA. Your instructor needs to see the e-mail or letter. The test date is important, and it is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure the instructor is fully aware when the test will take place.

  6. Your instructor will advise you when you are ready to apply for a driving test, taking into account local waiting times.

  7. Please do not book a driving test without discussing it first with your instructor.

  8. Your instructor will expect you to continue to make progress in your lessons and achieve a satisfactory standard to take the test. If the Instructor feels you have not achieved the required standard then he will discuss where improvements need to be made and the number of additional lessons required.

  9. Your instructor reserves the right to withdraw his vehicle for the test should you not reach the required standard. They will advise you of this as far in advance as possible. In this event no refund for your test or driving course will be considered. Please note that in the case of one or two-week courses it may be not be possible for us to advise you of this until Terms and Conditions after the cancellation deadline for the test. If this is the case you will lose your test fee[LL4] .

  10. In the event of mechanical failure on the day of your test I will try to arrange a different car. If this is not possible and you are unable to take the test then I will arrange to pay for another driving test for you with me. This is the limit of my liability.

  11. By starting your driving lessons, you accept the terms and conditions laid out above and they form part of a contract between the pupil (you or insert name) and the instructor, Richard Atkins.

  12. Sometimes I may need to refuel during a lesson, if this occurs you will be asked to help as part of your learning

  13. I am usually very punctual to lessons, but London traffic can be unpredictable, if I am going to be late I will call or text the pupil with an estimated time of arrival. Time can sometimes be made up at the end of lesson or on another occasion 






In most cases my pupils enjoy their driving lessons and pass their test without any queries or problems whatsoever. Occasionally there might be a problem you would like to discuss or a query which needs investigating. If this happens, I recommend that you raise the matter with me in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with my response or actions, then please put your complaint in writing to I will listen to your problem and do my utmost to find a satisfactory solution. If after receiving my response you are still not completely satisfied then you may write to the Driving Standards Agency, The Axis Building, 112 Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, NG1 6LP.



Terms and Conditions

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