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First Covid Vaccination

Richard Atkins Driving Instructor Covid Jab
Covid Jab

So, I had my first Covid jab, (22 February) I was slightly surprised at how quick and easy it was to log in to the system book the appointment and have the jab! Friday afternoon it was booked, Monday morning needle was in my arm so I had the weekend to think it over, I always said i'd take it when offered, thinking that would be months away, but my pre-existing health conditions bumped me up the list and I had a weekend to mull it over. I nearly chickened out!

I’m used to needles and injections on a daily basis, so a vaccination is no bother at all, no major side effects at all really, just a slightly sore upper arm for a few days. I have noticed though that when I log on to my laptop, I don’t need to enter a password anymore, when typing this blog in Word I can think the words and the tapper in text and 5g signal on my phone is stronger than ever even when underground! Ha ha Lol

I had the Astra Zeneca jab and I’m pleased with that, developed with Oxford University it gives me sense of superiority when walking down the street, subconsciously I want to tell strangers I see “I’ve had the jab you know” but lots of people I know have had their first jab too. Its so important to keep wearing masks and sanitizing and keeping distance to control the spread of the virus, that superiority I’m feeling could be short-lived as I can still spread the virus and it takes two weeks after the jab to get to the highest immune level. When I get back to teaching, I’ll let everyone know who gets in my car what my status is and stress even though I’ve had the vaccine I and they can still spread it.

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